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Tyler Brewster was the Dean of Discipline for a school in her childhood neighborhood. After 10 years in education, she thought she knew what her role was in education. One day, she met with a student who had already received a few suspensions. The conversation they had changed her life forever.

Restorative Justice & The School-to-Prison Pipeline

At its most distilled essence, the school-to-prison-pipeline (STPP) is a series of protocols, policies and measures that promote the push-out of young black and brown youth into the juvenile justice system. This happens through repeated high-confrontations, hostile interactions, student removals and suspensions.

What is Restorative Justice/Restorative Practices? - The Future of School - Medium

Entrepreneurs & educators Tyler Brewster and Shana Louallen break down the key concepts of Restorative Justice & Restorative Practices in schools. Both Tyler & Shana are Tiny Fellows at 4.0 Schools. What Are Schools Meant For? Can schools operate in a way where parents are represented, staff feel supported and every student feels heard and/or connected to the community?